Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Last week, my brother Matt, sister-in-law Stephanie, their two darling daughters, Ruby and Coral, and my mom came to visit. We really enjoyed their company. Not only was it fun to see them all, they were the easiest house guests I've ever had because they took care of dinner every night they were here. My kids are clamoring for more Navajo tacos, so, Steph and Matt, if you have time to put your recipe on your blog...

Speaking of blogs, the credit goes to Matt and Stephanie for inspiring me to start blogging and for setting the bar high for what a stellar blog should be. I may sound like I am laying it on a bit thick, but their blog really is one of my favorites to read.

While they were here, they picked their new cocker spaniel up at the airport. My kids tried their very best to spoil that dog ROTTEN while she was here. Here is Rachel doing Science schoolwork on the back porch, holding Olive the 2nd, because, "she's LONELY."

Coral and Naomi are three months apart in age. It was fun to see them together.

Michael and Ruby are also three months apart and Michael had fun with another three year old to play with. Stephanie, Matt and Grandma took Coral, Ruby and Michael to the San Diego Zoo the second day they were here and I think it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rachel is Twelve!!!

Happy Birthday Rachel!!!

The birthday girl had Baked Alaska for her cake...yum :)

Eggs, Fascinating Eggs

Last month, Violet and Lily, our late blooming Ameraucanas, finally started laying eggs. We were so excited - they both lay green eggs. Violets are slightly bluer and more rounded than Lily's. It makes for a lovely view when we open our fridge. Also, here is a second humongous egg from Buttercup, slightly larger than the first .

One of them, Lily or Violet, even laid a double yolked egg :)

Monday, January 07, 2008

Michael graduated from Nursery into Primary on Sunday.

Here's a copy of the picture one of the counselors in our Primary presidency posted.

James Dean, watch out :)