Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dear Amy #2

Dearest Snotcicles,

You need to find a loosely knit scarf to wrap around your face to keep your nose warm, but that will still let you breathe. I think this will work...I imagine it will be tell you the truth I don't have any idea, because I live in Southern California where we think 46 degrees is FREEZING. Obviously we are all wimps, at least when it comes to cold weather.

My next best advice it to make up some really hot chocolate and hold it under your nose, enjoying the aroma while it cools off and you defrost as soon as you get inside!

Hoping you survive,


Meat Desserts

The missionaries came to dinner at our house on Monday night. Sunday, when I was talking to them about a time, I asked if either of them had food allergies or were vegan or whatever. One of them replied, "I'm a meatatarian."

I said, Okay, we'll have meat for dessert," and his companion, sounding very relieved, said, "Oh that's good! Then we won't be having ice cream. Ice cream makes me sick." (Oops, I think I might have forced ice cream on him last time he came.)

A quick search came up with a few recipes -

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Maple Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hamburger Brownies

I couldn't decide which one to make. I was strangely fascinated with all of them, so I made them all!

This is what the brownie batter looked like (I added chocolate chips) -

And this was what our dessert smorgasbord looked like -

1. Heather made some truffles and I put them out in case someone, out of the blue, became a vegetarian all of sudden...

2. dark chocolate covered bacon*

3. white chocolate covered bacon*

*I actually used compound coating because I had some and it is so easy to melt and dip.

4. bacon maple chocolate chip cookies - One of the reviewers suggested using bacon fat instead of butter. I did and the cookies worked great. I didn't used the whole two cups of bacon that the recipe called for. I ran out of patience with frying bacon after one pound. I saved the prettiest pieces for the chocolate covered bacon, the next prettiest for the garnishes on the cookies and crumbled the rest into the cookie dough. With the bacon fat, they were still plenty bacon-y, in my humble opinion.

5. hamburger brownies - If I ever make these again, which is highly unlikely, I will used my tried and true, favorite brownie recipe and just add hamburger, instead of this recipe. It wasn't chocolatey enough, even with the added chocolate chips.

Everyone's favorite was the chocolate covered bacon. Elder Meatatarian says they are a contender for his wedding reception :) 

The cookies were okay, but not worth the hassle of cooking bacon, which happens to be one of my least favorite kitchen activities. (See what I will sacrifice in the name of a good joke!) I took the leftover ones to a parent meeting at Michael and Mo's school and they were a hit, so if you like cooking bacon, or a least tolerate it, they are worth a try.

The hamburger brownies were kind of blah, sort of weird, good in a novelty kind of way, but not much more than that. 

It was fun, but I did warn the missionaries not to expect to be served chicken, cow AND pig next time they come to dinner :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Dear Amy #1

Dear Unknown,

Sometime you just need to let go. Perhaps you have secret hopes the Gravity will change and become better, but it won't happen. Just let go of Gravity and you will be well on your way into outer space.

Hoping to change your mind and decide to hang around,


Friday, January 11, 2013

Dear Amy

Just for fun, ask me anything. and I'll give you!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I love limericks... much so that, when I decided I wanted a new message on our voice mail, I composed one. 

Unfortunately, my family vetoed my creativity. 


If you need to reach Stan or Amy,
Try not to be grumpy or blame-y.
Right now they're not home.
It's best not to moan.
Just leave us your number and name-y.