Sunday, September 30, 2007

Messing Around

I was looking at a friend's blog and she has these nifty slide shows posted. I thought I'd see if I could do the same. This is a short, first try kind of a thing, but here goes. Stan took some of the kids hiking a while ago and these were our favorite pictures from the outing.

Friday, September 28, 2007

A Chocoholic is Born

I got all set to feed Naomi, read a novel and eat a See's raspberry butter cream (my favorite), but the baby wouldn't cooperate. She kept looking at my chocolate and I could see her thinking, "This milk is good, but it's like manna and I'm tired of it. That stuff you have looks like it would be delicious. C'mon, Mom, let me have some!"

So...I let her taste a sliver of chocolate and this face was her reaction. You can even see that half her tongue is brown from letting that yummy See's chocolate melt all over it.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Michael's morning hair...

...was spectacular when he got out of bed today!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Sunday, September 23, 2007


Naomi has been sick, so I kept her home from church today. Consequently, I had all the time I usually spend making myself presentable available. For once, everyone was ready when we are supposed to be and Stan had the kids at church 10 minutes early rather than my usual 5 minutes late. Also, I had time to do the fancy kind of things to hair that Heather and Gwen wish I would do every Sunday.

Heather on the left has two small French braids joined in the back with a bow.

Gwen has a rope braid decorated with a red ribbon.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

This is what Gwen had to say...

...about our annual ( last year) trip to the local amusement park.

Every year our family goes there. We earn tickets by reading books during the summer. This year I got cotton candy and ate it during a show. I went on lots of rides and got really dizzy. I had a fantastic time with my family.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Funny Things the Kids Have Been Saying #1

#1 - Gwen

We're driving home from the grocery store and out of the blue, Gwen says, "The three things I want are a frog, a pocket knife and some rope."

So I ask her, "What would you do with rope?"

She replies, "I dunno."

There is a moment of silence and she says, "Rope is interesting and useful."

Then after thinking for a minute more, "I think a pocket knife would be usefuller."

More thoughts run through her active brain and she asks, "Can you cut paper with a pocket knife?"

I say, "No...well possibly, but it would be hard."

Gwen observes, "Maybe it would be easier if you had three hands."

So I guess now her wish list is a frog, some rope, a pocket knife and another hand...

#2 - Kelly

This morning Kelly comes to me and asks, "Can I give Michael my chicken?" and I'm racking my brain, "Chicken? Does she have a stuffed chicken? One of those fuzzy chicks we got at IKEA?"

I ask, "What chicken?"

She tells me, "My PET chicken, Rose."

I wonder out loud, "Why would you want to give your chicken to Michael?"

Kelly patiently explains, "Because he won't let me call him Buddy Boy unless I give him my chicken."

I'm at a loss for words, but finally I say the shortest thing possible. I want to get a single syllable out before I snicker, "Sure."

Kelly runs in the other room and yells, "Rose is YOURS, BUDDY BOY!!!"

Michael yells back, "I'm NOT Buddy Boy!"

Kelly, comes right back with, "Yes you are, I gave you my chicken! Buddy Boy! Buddy Boy!"

And the rest of the day I hear them calling each other all kinds of variations on the theme - Buddy, Buddy Boy, Buddy Kelly, Buddy Michael, Kell Boy, Kell Buddy."

I'm not sure whose the chicken is currently, and I'm not going to ask, either.

#3 - Michael

Michael recognizes "M's" wherever we are. We'll be driving down the street and pass a McDonald's and he'll yell, "M for Michael!"

When he gets his potty candy, he looks at the M&Ms and says, "M for Michael."

The other day, he was sitting on the couch, looking at a library book and he calls out, "M for Michael!"

I walk over to acknowledge his intelligence and scan the cover, "There isn't an M, Michael."

He insists, "Yes there is! There is an M for Michael!"

He points at a capitol F and tells me, "See there is an M for Michael and it is broken."

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Weekend with the Grandparents

A couple weekends ago (I know, we are really behind on the blogging) both sets of grandparents traveled into town. Richard and Lorna also joined in the fun.

It was a really exciting weekend. Temperatures were the highest I have ever remembered them getting here. We were in the hundred and teens (!) all weekend AND The church building where they held the baptism didn't have working air conditioning. It was quite the adventure, but only the beginning. During Sunday School the next day, we all heard a rumbling sound. I thought it was thunder. Grandma Buppie thought it was terrorists. We were both wrong - it was an earthquake! The first one my parents had felt in 40 years. I was so excited. I've been wishing we could have an earthquake big enough to feel, but too small to do damage (the perfect kind) sometime when we had out of town guests ever since we moved to earthquake country and my dream came true!

Everyone was here for Gwen's baptism...

...Naomi's blessing...

...and waffles!

Stan's parents brought Kate and Jeremy along.

Grandma Buppie met Naomi for the first time.

Michael and Grandpa Dale were both caught sleeping. Michael slept through the camera's click, but Grandpa stirred and smiled as I took his picture.