Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hey, Mommy...

I hear that a lot and it is frequently followed by, "...look at this."

Here are a few fun pictures of some of the things Michael has been sharing with me.

He showed me how he can color with his mouth...

...made a nifty thing-a-ma-bob with Magnetix...

...and wore some 3D glasses around for a while.

In that last picture especially, he reminds me of my dad.

What do you think?

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day

Our Primary Presidency always does something fun for the kids to give their mothers. This year, I got 4 noodle necklaces with my kids' pictures on them and cards with their thoughts on my intelligence (see below).

Stan took me to backyard for pictures and my two youngest got in on the act. They are standing by the flowering pear tree Stan and I planted
last night.

While we were out there, I noticed that it needed more dirt. Stan thought I was pretty funny with the shovel in my heels...

I also got a bunch of lovely cards and some pretty artwork by Heather.

Summer and Rachel gave me some beads and a yummy smelling candle. Stan brought me breakfast in bed and made an amazing dinner of fish, orange basmati rice, asparagus and mango lassi. It has been a great day :)

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A Blob of Jammas

This morning, I was reading my scriptures on one couch and Naomi was hanging out on the other, waiting for breakfast. Heather was making French toast and Michael was asleep.

She said, Hey Mommy! Look at me. I am just a blob of jammas!"

Monday, May 02, 2011

Last week...

...for FHE we colored eggs. We finally got to it the day after Easter, but it was still fun. Summer invited Anthony over. Rachel is hiding behind him :)

Here are everyone's "favorites", chosen by some with much deliberation, by others with insouciance.

After we colored them, we had an Easter egg hunt in the front yard. This is the least blurry of a dozen or more photos...

Happy Belated Easter!