Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Week

Friday night, I went to the temple with some of the young women in the ward. It was Heather's first time doing baptisms for the dead. I love being in the temple and it was extra nice to go with the girls.

Saturday, Michael asked me at least seven times if I had anything he could take apart. Any old radios? Broken toasters? I had to tell him no every time. Amazingly, everything is currently working.

Sunday, our home teacher asked if there was anything he could do for us. I asked if he had anything that was broken to get rid of. His office had just replaced their computers, so Michael hit pay dirt. A whole computer to dig into! I think he spent a good six hours on it, and there is still more to disassemble.

Here are some of the batteries he unearthed and two of his favorite parts. Circuit boards? I have no idea.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kids at the Park

We went to the park for FHE this week. I played tennis with Rachel for a while. I was kind of nervous about it because I haven't played tennis since I broke my back. I was afraid that one of my favorite sports (not that I am any good, but I like to try) would make me hurt, but I was fine. Hooray!

We all ate a picnic dinner and then Summer and Rachel disappeared to sit in the car for the last 15 minutes of the trip while the younger kids played on the playground. Of course, I didn't start taking pictures until then, so I apologize for the lack of teenagers.

I don't know what Michael was looking at, but it must have been interesting...

This was a good climbing tree.

Earlier that day, while she was at school, Gwen cracked her tooth in half. I was prepared to make the two hour round trip to their dentist to have it checked out, but Stan was more pragmatic. He looked at it, said, "That tooth just needs to come out," and promised Gwen $5 if she pulled it out before the end of the evening. That is ten times what the tooth fairy usually brings to our house, so she went right to work and it was out before bedtime.

Finally Heather, in another tree, up near the top!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Kelly!

Happy Birthday Kelly!

Kelly is eight!

We are excited for her to be baptized in a couple weeks.

Instead of a cake, she wanted apple dumplings, so that is what her candles are stuck in.

We love her and feel so blessed to have her in our family :)

Balancing Acts

The bunnies other ear flopped down. Now she looks more even.

Michael is also good at balancing, even when he is asleep. Last Saturday, I found him in the rocking chair instead of his bed.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Funny Bunny and Yummy Cake

Here's the cake Rachel decorated for the Standard's Night we attended at church on Tuesday.

It is a "wedding cake".

Also in the news, one of Madeline's ears has lopped down, but the other one hasn't...yet?

Thursday, May 13, 2010


We went to the beach - yay! My three bathing beauties did not inherit my fear of seaweed. Underneath all that vegetation, they are all wearing new swimsuits. The funny thing was, because they were cut differently and because Gwen's was a "slim", my 10 year old ended up with a size 12 and Heather, my 12 year old, is wearing a size 10.

Nothing says May like new swimsuits, right? Summer and Rachel also have new ones, but I was lazy and didn't take many pictures. I'll post some another time. If you are shopping for a modest swimsuit, they found some cute ones at Lime Ricki.

After the beach, we rushed everyone through the bath and shower and were late to Summer and Rachel's piano recital. Saturday was a rotten day for digital memories because, besides not taking many beach pictures, I didn't get any good videos of Summer playing the piano. Here is Rachel, though, playing my favorite of her two pieces , "Linus and Lucy".

After we got home, Naomi had fun standing in front of the air conditioner!

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Mother's Day Post

My family spoiled me rotten yesterday. I got a nap, Stan gave me a Godiva gift card (mmmmm...), Summer cut me some flowers and made a chocolate layer cake from scratch with seven minute frosting. She decorated it with shaved chocolate and fresh berries. It tasted as good as it looked. The rest of the kids gave me cards with expressions of love I will treasure and there were even a few "help with a chore" coupons thrown in.

It really is amazing that they treat me so well, considering my behavior. Rachel pointed out last night during FHE that I have the awful habit of embarrassing her and Summer, and I admit it's true.

I think I learned this behavior from my dad, or did I inherit it from him? Nurture or nature? Anyway, the more I like someone, the more I enjoy teasing them.

Summer and Rachel have these two friends, who happen to be boys. S & R like these two young men a lot, but just for the record, they don't LIKE them.

Anyway, they are very likable young men. They are kind and respectful and are gentlemen. I like them, which is where the problem lies. I also really like S & R. I see them together and I just can't help myself!

Here is a list of the teasing I have let slip out of my undisciplined lips provided by the daughters (I don't remember 2/3 of these, but they do - vividly) -

One time, I saw the four of them chatting in the halls at church and one of my daughters was twirling her hair. One of the boys was fiddling with his tie. I walked up and said, "Don't you all look nervous!"

Another time, another daughter was sitting by one of the boys, who started kicking her legs. She kicked him back and it looked like footsy to me, so I told her,"Stop flirting."

A couple of different times, I was ready to leave and so I let my daughters know by saying, "It's time to go, maybe some cute boys will escort you out," and, "Are you ready to go or are you too busy talking to cute boys?"

Finally, my most recent abomination was when the four of them were chatting and I walked up with the five younger kids to gather my two oldest to leave church. One of the boys looked at Michael and said, "Your little brother is so adorable with his suspenders," (see why I like these boys) so I said , "ALL of my kids are adorable."

They knew who I was talking about.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Randomness, Heavy on Michael

I made our usual after school snack, microwave popcorn and shake made from ice and powdered milk. We usually have straws available, but we were out. Michael tipped his cup up for a drink and got an avalanche instead. Look closely, I think it went up his nose.

Maybe it is okay to keep your Nestle Crunch bars in the freezer, but don't try to defrost them in the microwave.

I found this inexplicable picture on my camera.

The other evening, Michael decided to hold onto Summer's leg and not let go. She decided that she would not let that stop her from doing what she needed to, so she dragged him around the house for a while.

I bought a trifle bowl and felt the need to break it in.

Last, but not least, just for Summer, who can't believe I would blog my bruise, here is what showed up a couple of days after I gave blood.

Sunday, May 02, 2010


While Rachel was camping at her Level 4 Overnighter and Stan and I were on a date, Summer had fun putting makeup on her siblings.

When everyone was done getting made up (and Gwen had washed it all off), Summer sat them down and had them make funny faces.