Saturday, September 30, 2006


We played soccer for family home evening last Monday. Everyone wants Heather on their team when we play because she is a rocket on the field.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

We opened the envelope, and...'s a girl!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Why I am NOT going for the Mother of the Year Award

I was really excited about my ultrasound this morning. So excited that I forgot it was a planning day (which means a two hour earlier pick up time) for Summer. So excited that I didn't see anything I had on my schedule past 9:30 this morning, including picking Summer up. So excited that it wore me out. After I snacked the kids, I went to put Michael down for his nap, with the internet connected, with my cell phone at the other end of the house and with firm instructions to the other kids not to disturb me. I fell deeply asleep for A LONG TIME. Long enough to miss thirteen calls on the aforementioned cell phone and long enough for Summer to wait more than an hour to finally be picked up by her Dad who left work and dropped her off at the house before Sleeping Beauty (?) moved a muscle.

I woke up to find my sweet oldest daughter looking forlorn and forgotten in her bedroom. Poor baby!

After groveling for undeserved forgiveness and promising she could pick the flavors of shake we had for snack (a big privilege around here) I went to pick Rachel up. I was on the phone when I picked her up, but wanting to reassure myself that I wasn't too neglectful, I told my friend I'd call her back and turned to pay attention to at least one of my children for the day. I asked Rachel how she was, and she said one word, "Bad."

I thought, "Oh, no!" and asked what happened. Rachel started grinning and admitted that nothing was wrong. Her teacher had instructed all the kids to tell their parents that "because parents don't pay attention to their kids." Ha, ha!

I smiled about it with Rachel and admitted this may have not been the best day for this little demonstration since I had forgotten Summer and I already felt like a rotten mother. I enumerated all my wimpy excuses about being excited about the ultrasound, blah, blah, blah, and Rachel, getting to the heart of the matter, asked, "Did you find out the sex?"

I told her the doctor had, but that it was still in the envelope at home. Rachel, with a smile on her face and remembering having gone through this with Michael, groaned and exclaimed, "You are A ROTTEN MOTHER!"

Baby Picture!

This morning, I had my ultrasound. Everything looked great. Because of my age, I saw the perinatologist rather than an ultrasound tech, and he told me he didn't see any reason for me to have an amniocentesis, which was nice to hear. Here is the best picture. Isn't that a cute baby?
Oh, and for those of you wondering about the sex of the baby, the doctor took a picture, wrote down what he thought, and put it in this envelope. Happy peering :)

Sunday, September 17, 2006


We have had
visits since we started the blog. As a thank you to all of you who have been paying attention to our ramblings, we'd like to invite you to dinner - TONIGHT! We're planning on eating in about 45 minutes, which would be 5:30 Pacific time, Sept. 17th.
See you then :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Whew...what a relief!

For some schoolwork she had to do this week, Gwen wrote the following paragraph -

I like my school. It is my house, too. I am home schooled. I do school work there. I like it because I don’t have any weird teacher.

I am reassured...I guess. :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Last night I was lying down still and quiet, waiting for Michael to go to sleep and I felt the baby hiccupping for the first time.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Heather's New Bunny

Last week, on our local freecycle list, someone was giving away a bunny. Since we had all the stuff (left over from Rachel's rabbit Bugsy before he met his tragic end) I asked Heather if she was interested. She has been wanting a furry pet. Stan and I prefer pets in cages since there is enough life running free around here and she hasn't been too keen on our suggestions of hermit crabs and fish.

Heather thought about it a bit, she is a very thoughtful girl, and decided, yes a rabbit would be wonderful. We picked the bunny up on Thursday from a family that didn't feel they had enough time to give her. She is named Sandy and is a sweet, velvety creature.

Written By Rachel

My cousin Ruby sent me a package in the mail with Larvets, a spicy worm snack, and butterfly candy a few days after I ate the cricket. (See The Candy was Yucky, the Cricket was Kinda Good) Everyone tried at least one bug except Summer, and everyone had a different opinion. Heather thinks they’re gross, Gwen said they taste like Hot Cheetos, Kelly said they’re yummy, I enjoyed them, and Michael was stuffing fistfuls in his mouth. Thanks from us all to Ruby, Aunt Stephanie, and Uncle Matt for the bugs they sent.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Where is his shirt?

Here is a picture of Michael when we got home from my OB appointment today. Yes, shirtless at the doctor’s office. Are you wondering why? Maybe we are even tackier than you thought. Maybe the AC wasn’t working and with 100+ degree heat, he was grumpy with his shirt on. Maybe I let him eat the lollipop the phlebotomist gave him when she drew blood for my test today (Where is the justice in THAT?) and his shirt was too sticky to meet the buckles of his car seat. Those would all be good guesses, but since you, a person of distinction and good taste, are reading our blog you will get the true story. Move over People magazine.

At each of my OB appointments, the nurse gives me a little cup, sends me to the bathroom and expects me to fills it with urine. Today, I told Heather, Gwen and Kelly to stand against the wall out of people’s way while I took Mr. Unpredictable in the restroom with me. Well, being the obedient girl I am, I filled my little cup and was getting dressed. I turned around just in time to see Michael, filled with curiosity, grab the cup and dump it all over his shirt. I quickly decided immodesty was better than a urine soaked shirt, so Michael was a beach bum at the doctor’s today.

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Candy was Yucky, the Cricket was Kinda Good

At the end of the school year last June, one of the kids' mothers gave everyone in Rachel's class a Hotlix cricket lollipop. She's been saving it and woke up this morning feeling that today was the day. She tried to eat the whole thing, but the candy was in her words, "Yucky" so she tried to get Michael to eat it. He wouldn't either, so she soaked the candy off and went straight for the good stuff.

Isn't she brave?

Here she is after chewing and swallowing. She survived! Our culinary expert said, "It was kinda stringy, kinda crunchy, and kinda good."

Sunday, September 03, 2006

I've never seen...

...someone eat a drumstick like that!

Service Personnel Nightmare #1

I'm always driving cashiers crazy, asking to pay for $10 with my debit card, 52 cents in small change and the rest with a gift card. I'm never trying to be mean, just following my obsessive compulsive tendencies. I told Stan about my latest, and he told me he'd clean up after dinner without me if I put it on the blog. Who'd miss a chance like that?

Thursday, I drove a friend to another city to sign the lease on her apartment. She is starting college as a freshman on Tuesday. I was happy to be of help, but a bit nervous about making it back in time to pick Summer and Rachel up from school. After she did the paperwork and got the keys, we headed home, stopping at a Burger King before we got on the freeway. The drive-through line was long, so we decided to go inside to save time. It was a hot day and being thirsty, I ordered chocolate milk with my Whopper and was really looking forward to it. The drive-through would have been quicker than going in, but oh well (Murphy's Law). We rushed out to the car, buckled the kids in and zipped to the parking lot exit before we realized there was NO CHOCOLATE MILK in the bag! I considered going back, but there was already a car behind us, no room to turn around and the clock was ticking.

Well, I held onto my receipt, because somehow, someday I was going to get that milk. My chance came yesterday while Summer, Rachel and I were out running errands in 100+ degree heat. Rachel said, "Can we stop somewhere and get some ice water? I saw a Burger King and I saw my chance, so I whipped into the parking lot and told the girls, "We're going in." I took my receipt and went up to the employee that looked like he had the most authority and explained the situation. He looked doubtful and asked, "Another store?" I answered in the affirmative and tried to look both hopeful and slightly assertive (I wanted my milk!). He relented and said, "I guess I can do it this once." Then he waited expectantly for me to order something, but I just smiled and he trudged over to the fridge and got me MY MILK. Success! I did refrain from asking for some free ice water, so Rachel, Summer and I only got a swallow each. It didn't really quench anyone's thirst, but I had closure.

Friday, September 01, 2006

I used to think...

...that parents of boys were negligent when their kid's shirt was hanging out of his pants at church. Now I know the truth - it would take duct tape on the diaper to keep Michael's shirt tucked in for more the 12 seconds.

Here he is after church last Sunday, after mooching brownies and ice cream in the Young Women's room, and after playing in the landscaping while I opened the car and loaded it in the parking lot. He looks like someone without a mother, but I assure you, I was there for it all.

Do I have to?

Last week, I took the kids to the Scholastic Warehouse Sale. Most of them found something to spend their allowance on. I bought a computer program for them to share. After we got home, Summer asked if she could put it on the kid computer and I told her to go for it. She was gone for a while and came in and asked if she could click OK on the final button to install it. I said yes. She came back a minute later saying it wanted to install QuickTime now and was that OK? I told her it would be fine and she was gone thirty more seconds before she came back and announced, "It has a whole new set of terms and conditions and I read all of them for the first program and it took A LONG TIME. Do I have to read these, too?"

Mystery Fungi

Stan found this nifty blob in the back lawn.