Sunday, May 31, 2009

Well, it has been a while...

...and I really wanted to catch up today, but I was also sad to replace the backyard picture of Naomi. So here's another version, in multicolor, with some Beethoven in the background. Enjoy!

Hodgepodge Part 1

It is the end of the school year and our calender is overflowing with concerts, dance recitals (more on those later), piano recitals, school plays and all around fun, fun, fun. Here is Gwen dressed up as a volcano...

...and Heather as an Iroquois.

Snippets from the older three girls' spring piano recital...

Hodgepodge Part 2

While the older kids have been developing their brains and discovering their talents, there have been exciting things going on at home. Naomi, aka "The Caboose" has been learning to use the potty. One of the selling points I used with her was pointing out that her panties are so nice and soft. She really took it to heart.

She loves her panties!

Also, I have been honing my skills as a dish drain sky high stacker. I wish it was an Olympic event.

Hey, that's a good idea, the Mom Olympics. Any suggestions for "sports"?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I love being a mother. Even though some days it seems like a thankless job, today it sure doesn't. I am being spoiled rotten.

I said that out loud when I wandered into the kitchen while Stan and Summer were cooking dinner and Stan said,

"No, you were rotten when we got you."

The spoiling started Thursday when Stan brought me flowers. Being a botanist, he has superior taste in flora :)

Then, on Saturday, he said he would take care of everything and I could do whatever I wanted - bliss! I sewed. I wanted, optimistically, to finish my entire mending basket, plus a couple of projects. I didn't get all the way there, but I had a lot of fun trying. I made a curtain for the little bathroom...

...a pillow from some embroidery Heather made for me , a skirt for myself...

... and everything from the mending basket that took thread that wasn't white.

Mr. Amazing really did handle everything AND he painted the laundry room purple, with the kids' help, for a Mother's Day gift.

Today, Heather made pancakes all by herself (they were delish) while Stan made bacon and eggs and everyone brought me breakfast in bed. Stan bought real maple syrup to go on them, which I haven't had in years. It is a treat that brings me back to my childhood in New Hampshire.

For dinner this evening, Stan and Summer did all the cooking. I wandered around the house taking pictures for the blog. Summer did not want me to take this picture, but after much negotiation, she agreed to let me blog it :)

They made Ham a la King...

...and cranberry almond salad...yum!

All the kids gave me cards, Heather and Kelly each gave me books of artwork and the kids gave me one box of chocolates and Stan gave me another one. See what I mean about being spoiled?

Thanks, family, I love you all!!!

Mo Colors

Naomi is pretty good with her color names, especially when bribed with candy :)

Date Night

Stan and I take turns taking each of the kids out for dessert and maybe somewhere else they want to go, if there is time. Michael and I went out the other night and had a ton of fun.

First, we fed some ducks. Michael wanted to go to the place with swans, but since the spot he was thinking of is 6 hours from our house, we compromised and stayed closer to home. After that we went to the mall. I let him pick out six or seven different kinds of candy and we shared them. Next, promising him I'd be quick, we went to H&M and I bought sweaters for Summer, Rachel and myself. Lastly, we went to the puppy store and played with a two month old Boston Terrier. It was so cute! I always get tempted to buy a dog when we visit the puppy store, but this is the first time I have actually played with one. Even at that young age, it sure smelled like dog! It sort of cured my doggy dreams for the moment :)