Sunday, January 16, 2011


I am catching up for the last few weeks. I still have a huge folder of pictures from our camping family reunion, but am ignoring them for today...or maybe forever...anyway, here is what I have for you now...

Naomi "graduated" from Nursery and is in Sunbeams.

Summer received this book for Christmas and (with a little help from her redheaded sister) made little animal pillow thingamabobs for her five youngest siblings.

Stan brought me flowers :)

At the above mentioned family reunion, there were puzzles and games purchased by the grandparents. My mom promised a 750 piece jigsaw puzzle to my brother Matt, but Heather didn't know and was hoping to take it home. I made her give it up because it was already spoken for. Matt could see the longing in her eyes and was kind enough to mail it to her when they were done with it. (Thanks Matt!)

Last Monday night for FHE, we made mango lassis and started the puzzle.

This is how it looked at bedtime.

We ate around it for a few days and finally finished it Thursday, sort of. We are still missing one piece - arghhh! I am guessing it either fell on the floor and got swept up, or someone ate it in their breakfast cereal...

Finally, Gwen looks cute even when you only see her teeth and the tip of her nose!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Time is flying...

Happy 15th Birthday Rachel!!!!!

She had a trifle made from Quick After battle Triple Chocolate Cake, chocolate pudding, toffee bits, bananas and whipped cream.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


This morning, Naomi said she was thirsty. I pointed her in the direction of a cup of water by her dad's side of the bed. She looked at the bottles of soda on the kitchen counter and said, "No, I am thirsty for soda."

Later this morning, I heard Michael and her playing at being wild animals. Michael said, "I am a monkey!" and Mo countered with, "I am a pimpanzee!"