Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Independance Day

We started off the day by getting dressed in our red white and blue. I used to make an effort to outfit the kids, but older sisters have taken over that job. A day or two ahead, they remind their younger siblings to be prepared to dress the part and the morning of the big day, everyone goes through everyone else's clothes to help choose (and bully into, sometimes) what everyone will wear.

We went to the pancake breakfast at church and then headed up into the mountains to escape the heat for a picnic lunch. One of the best things on the drive is the tunnel.

Our favorite place to go is like a huge natural playground with rocks to climb on and logs draped over a stream to tightrope walk over. The water is cold, but the kids still end up getting drenched. Every time we go, we remember that the last time we went, we swore we'd bring the swimsuits, but of course we forgot...again!

Naomi was apprehensive, to say the least, about crossing the stream on a log. I had to go get her from Rachel and take her myself.

Kelly crawled and climbed all day. I don't think she even sat still while she ate. It was just go, go, go like a little mountain goat.

Michael tried his hand at some rock scrambling, too.

Mo was satisfied with playing in the dirt, eating cookies, and watching everyone else risk their footings.

If you count high enough to note that there are six kids pictured, not seven, you may be wondering about Summer - she is still out of town.

Everything was so lovely, I took too many pictures, but I guess that is one of the joys of not having to pay for film developing.

Rachel took a turn with the camera, too. We all liked this picture she got of Naomi's hair.

I wish I could remember what we were talking about when she took this picture of Stan and me...

Then, to finish off the day, we sat on the street curb and looked up into the sky . I don't know why I do it, because photos of fireworks are so lame in comparison to reality, but every year I take pictures, trying to capture the glory of pyrotechnics!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Right now...

...Summer is in Manhattan getting ready to play MOMA bingo,

Rachel is making cookies,

Stan is teaching the other kids how to pick locks (Gwen, the quick study, has already figured it out),

and I am avoiding responsibility! (but only for a blogging minute...)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Happy 16th :)

Happy Sixteenth Birthday, Summer!

Wow, it is hard to believe how grown up our baby is getting! Here she is with her brownie and banana nut fudge baked Alaska, which actually had green meringue (her favorite color) even before I started messing with the photo.

We love you, darling!

We Like Water

A week or so ago, it was Heather's turn to choose the FHE activity and she choose a walk by the river.

Rachel picked a flower and sent it off.

Heather picked a bunch of flowers. The shirt she is wearing is one she tie dyed at school.

Aunt Sara came to visit for five incredibly fast days.
We ALL love it when she comes :)

It was hard to cram in all the fun we wanted to have, but we did make it to the beach...yay!

Michael watching while Summer and Rachel make a sand hippo.

Rachel tried to set Naomi on it like a horse, but she was not successful...

...and Summer watched while she finished the demolition.

Finally, here is the crab that Michael found.

My kids would love to take home everything from the beach, dead or alive. I am glad there are cameras to soften the blow when I tell them they can't.