Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Adventures

Maybe I was thinking more in depth about my responsibility to train my children to behave well than I do on other Sundays.

Maybe it was that we sat up closer to the front of the chapel than we have been for the last few months (we've been ending up in the back row a lot lately) and I was worried about bothering the people sitting behind us as well as the people in front of us.

Maybe it was because Stan made a breakfast (in bed for me) of eggs and toast instead of my usual cold-cereal-on-Sunday fare and the kids had more energy to burn off.

Whatever it was, Michael and Naomi were in true Mother's Day form (as in, "I think I'll just show everyone how imperfect you are, Mommy") and did the following during Sacrament Mtg.

Naomi -

said, "more" about two dozen times after the bread left our row,

stood on the pew, yelled at the top of her lungs and waved her arms, frantically trying to get the Aaronic priesthood to bring the water to her before the bishop,

pulverized a fish cracker into 227 crumbs that needed to be picked up individually,

pushed Michael off my lap at least five times,

played, "I want Daddy, no, I want Mommy, no, Daddy..." for two minutes,

and threw a major tantrum when Rachel left for Sunday school.

Michael -

needed to be reminded (threatened) on a continual basis to sit down instead of lean on the pew in front of us,

made a loud raspberry sound with his mouth (we hope) on the pew in front of us during one of the times he was ignoring the threats and during the quietest part of the meeting,

crawled under the pew to retrieve something from under the feet in front of us,

pushed Naomi off my lap at least six times and stepped on her at least twice,

tried to eat the fish crackers as fast as possible so that he could get as many as possible before Naomi got some more,

wrote on his tie,

and tickled (while yelling, "aarghhh" each time he reached for her) one of the the pretty girls in front of us.

All of which caused me to get the giggles and contribute to the general commotion, right when someone was talking about the nobility of mothers.

Ah, well, you all know I wouldn't trade it for the world. Isn't life great? Here's to all you mothers -

Happy Mother's Day :)


Rebecca said...

well, if it makes you feel any better...I didn't hear a thing above the sound of my own screamer:)

AES said...

That does make me feel a little bit better.

Do I dare hope that Kathryn only noticed Eliza giggling while Michael attacked her?

A girl can dream...

So Lost And Found said...

You must know that your children are the standard we are all trying to live up to in Sacrament Meeting. I can see them now, 7 quiet children sitting still in a row! If they were causing problems, I had no idea and I was right in front of you! I'm sure it was my Eliza who was playing with Michael (and she should know better at 7). Isn't it funny that we notice our own kids misbehavior and believe all the other children are so quiet and well behaved.

AES said...

It is funny...and a good thing, too. Imagine the chaos if we spent all our time looking at the kids across the room and ignoring our own :)