Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Thanksgiving Pictures

We went to St. George for Thanksgiving :) We drove to Pine Valley and played in the snow with cousins.

We spent time with loved ones, eating and eating and eating.

Grandpa and Grandma

Great Aunt Zella

Uncle Will ( I cut his hair that morning)

Great Aunt Rita

Aunt Daph and Uncle George

Rachel, Nicki, Kate and Summer

Niquelle, David and Rena

Matt and Robert

Natalie and Uncle Derek

Aunt Holly and Isaac

Aunt Teresa

We stayed at Will and Cynthia's house and had lots of time for snuggling...

...and pedicures...

...and playing with combs which resulted in new bangs for Kelly!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ward Christmas Dinner

We went to our Ward Christmas dinner last weekend.

Michael and Naomi both thought they were more excited than the other to see Santa.

The Primary put on a pageant. Gwen and Kelly were angels and Michael was...

...a sheep.

Since we didn't get a good picture of him on the stage (that is the back of his head up there), I sent him to Stan for more pictures. I think he just wanted to get out of his lacy pillowcase :)

Heather's Photography

Heather took pictures in the backyard...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Overheard just now, Michael talking to Mo, "You are not my boss or my mother, so you can't boss me around."

This afternoon, I was driving home from picking Rachel up from school and Michael said,"We are about eleven yards from home."

I said (because we were about a quarter of a mile from home), "We are a little further away than that."

Thirty seconds later he said it again and I told him, "Not yet."

As we pass our next door neighbor, he announced, "Now we are one yard from home," and I told him, "We are actually about eleven yards from the garage."

He said, "No, not like yardsticks! Like FRONT YARDS!"

We don't have snow...

...but we have snow fleas in puddles in the backyard! (more & more)

And closeup...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Recipe for You

Here is something yummy and easy to make for your Christmas parties and treat plates...

White Chocolate Candy Cane Popcorn

I put sprinkles on this batch because I took it to Michael's Kindergarten/1st Grade party and have this idea that kids like sprinkles on everything, but they are optional.

The following recipe makes enough to cover 8-15 cups of popcorn, depending on how thick you like the chocolate. That is the same as 1-2 bags of microwave popcorn, or 1/2-one batch of air popped corn (at least from our popper). If you use microwave popcorn, I'd suggest using "Light' instead of "Butter". I'm not sure how well the chocolate would stick to the buttery kind, but you could always try it and eat the whole batch yourself if it is too sticky ;)

It is a good idea to shake all the old maids (unpopped kernels) in your bowl of popcorn to the bottom and move all the good popcorn to another bowl (make it a big one because you will need room to stir).

Next, measure one cup of white chocolate candy coating. I like Guitard A'Peels.

Then, pulverize two regular sized candy canes in a zip lock bag. It will make about 2 and 1/2 tablespoons of crushed candy cane.

Melt the candy coating in the microwave, stirring after a minute and then returning it to the microwave to melt it some more if needed.

Dump the candy cane powder in the chocolate, mix well and pour it over your popcorn. Stir it until the popcorn is evenly coated.

It is best if you let it cool before you eat it, otherwise, your hand will look this!

Daddy's Helpers

The kids helped Stan (he's Ward Clerk) assemble the bishopric's Christmas cards It was quite the production :)