Saturday, March 14, 2009

Totally Unrelated Things

Rachel learned a lesson yesterday about setting things on the burners of the stove.

We don't usually have Fruit Loops in the house, but they were on sale and they are one of Stan's favorites, so I indulged. For the last three mornings, Michael has been asking for "hula hoops" for breakfast.

By the way, did you know Fruit Loops have trans fat in them? Eek! It is a good thing I make the kids mix them half and half with Cherrios. I am hoping all the cholesterol absorbing oat bran zaps the trans fat.
I think I spend too much time reading cereal boxes.

The other day, Michael asked what the little balls on the orange tree were. There are a lot of buds, a few opened flowers and a smattering of teeny tiny oranges. I showed the "baby oranges" to Michael and Naomi. Mo said, " (cute)."

Later that same day, she was looking through an old photo album and found a picture of Stan at his brothers wedding 17 years ago. He was wearing a tux with a pink cummerbund and Naomi hollered,

"Daddy! To-o-o-ooot!!!"


Emily said...

I love Fruit Loops too, but oh all that sugar. That kind of grosses me out!!!

AES said...

Me too :)

jenfarmgirl said...

I love Naomi, I think.