Sunday, June 21, 2009

Funny Kid

Sunday morning is always busy, even with church starting two hours later this year than last. As I was rushing around,tying up loose ends and trying to get myself ready this morning, I saw a piece of Michael's pajamas on the floor. It was easier to ask the closest big girl to pick it up than to track down the errant boy and Heather was in the wrong place at the right time. Or the right place at the wrong time? Anyway, this is how the conversation went -

Me - Heather, could you pick up Michael's pajamas and put them on his bed, please?

Heather - Where are they?

Me - Right there behind you.

Heather - That is only the top. Where are the bottoms?

Me (anxious to move on to the next task) - I don't know! Put those away and then look for them.

I didn't follow up because I was running late and worried about other things. As a matter of fact, I forgot all about Michael's missing pj pants until after church. Everyone was busy changing out of their church clothes when Michael hollers at me (with sheer delight in his voice at the stunt he pulled) "Mommy, you didn't know I wore two pants to church today!"

Silly kid, I just had to take his picture.

He was enjoying the photo session so much he said, "Take a picture of my funny face!" So, I did just that for a couple of minutes and was just putting the camera away, when Naomi, not wanting to be left out, came up and asked, "Piture hunny hace me?"

Here are my favorites -

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