Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beach and Dog

Here are a couple of pictures from Rachel's camera. We had a lovely time. One fun surprise was seeing a car full of people we haven't seen in a while drive by us in the parking lot. It was great seeing Autumn and Charlie with their three kids. They moved to another state when they only had one baby. They met our two youngest for the first time and we caught up a little bit.

I decided that what I really wanted to do was build a sand castle with Naomi. We used her big pink bucket and another little one to build three towers. I dribbled wet sand to make the parapets. Naomi helped me find the decorations. We used seaweed to make water for the moat. After putting the finishing touches on our masterpieces, I was looking for Rachel to ask if I could borrow her battery rich camera, when Naomi picked up a shovel and said, "Now it's time to smash it, "and then she did!

She demolished one of the side towers before I knew what was happening. I asked if she could wait to finish her destruction until after I took a picture, gently removed the other side tower to make things symmetrical and snapped a photo before my little bulldozer got back to work :)

In other news, we have a dog...

...temporarily. We are dog-sitting for some friends in our ward. His name is Max and he is still a puppy, so he likes to chew on things, especially three year old girls, which means for the next four days I suspect Mo will be spending more time inside and less time in the backyard. The other kids, on the other hand may end up sleeping outside with the dog to keep him company. It is all part of Stan's plan to help the daughters who beg for a dog every seventeen minutes to understand how much work and responsibility a puppy really is. They love him so much already, the plan may backfire and they may ask to move in with Vicki and Don when they take their dog home!

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