Sunday, July 17, 2011


This weekend I have added two more long posts in my to-post-pile, Gwen's day on the rope course and our tour of the port of Long Beach, but I am procrastinating them along with the three other posts still waiting to be done and just putting some pictures up. These are all things I thought were cute enough to photograph during the week.

Naomi caught a baby lizard.

I don't know what I think is cuter, the tiny reptile, or those chubby, grimy hands - okay, I do know, it is the hands :)

Each of the kids has some summer vacation meal assignments and the other day Heather set out sandwich fixings for cheese and mayonnaise OR peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Naomi didn't hear the "OR" part.

Michael was having fun in the bath with bubbles. The blur over his neck is Mo's hand helping him add MORE bubbles.

Kelly has such a cute smile and...

...I think Stan is really cute!


Lyss said...

Cute really does sum it up! I especially like the sandwich.

AES said...

That was Stan's favorite, too :)