Monday, July 28, 2008

Dance Festival

This past weekend, after months of practice on the part of the youth and two years of preparation on the part of their leaders, Summer, Rachel, and a few thousand other kids performed in -

California Dreamin'

A Stadium Spectacular

California Inland Empire Dance Festival 2008

It was fun! The best part was seeing our kids out on the field in such a huge production (and the fireworks).

Summer and the other kids her age danced the cha-cha to
"Oye Como Va".

Summer and her partner were couple #1 in square #1, so she is the outermost girl in the video.

Rachel and all the other Beehives did different dance moves from the past few decades to "Come So Far" from Hairspray.

Rachel is smack dab in the middle, the farthest to the left in her square, in a blue dress, in the last row facing the camera.

The teenagers weren't the only ones dancing.

There was an opening dance with all the youth, and for the closing, here they are in the process of making a gigantic human American flag.

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