Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July Weekend

Belated Happy 4th of July!

We have almost had too much fun this weekend (and I have the laundry to prove it!). Friday, we went to our ward 's 4th of July breakfast. It was fun as always. I love seeing the scouts perform the flag raising and then saying the Pledge of Allegiance. I was so happy, we actually made it on time this year and were there for the whole thing.

After the breakfast, some of the kids and I headed to Kmart to buy a frisbee while Stan and the others made a pit stop at home, then we met on the way to the movie theater. Wait, did you read that right? Did we go to the movies? Yep, for only the second time in memory, we took all the kids to the movies. It was fun! We'd probably do it more often if it didn't involve taking out a home equity loan (just kidding) and if we weren't so picky about what we'll go see. We had the whole theater experience because I found only slightly expired coupons on the internet for a free small (a quart, at least!) soda and popcorn. Which meant three kids had to visit the restroom during the movie, Naomi leaked on my lap because her diaper got too full of processed fruit punch, and three more kids had to rush to the bathroom before the credits were done. All in all, we had a great time. We saw WALL-E and all enjoyed it.

After lunch, Stan watched some kids and I took some others to JoAnn's with me and bored them out of their skulls while I pattern and fabric shopped. Now I have more projects and plans to sew with no time to do it. Let's just call it my ongoing brush with a fantasy - me with time to sew!

Later that afternoon, we packed for the beach. We figured a holiday weekend would be a good time to get there early and leave early (we were right!) and I made muffins so that we could take our breakfast with us. In addition to our new frisbee, we loaded two cars with -


Swimming suits

Toy shovels & buckets

Boogie boards - 4

Sunscreen - 2

Baby powder – for getting the sand off








Big shovel







Nine People

Then, we headed off to see the fireworks. They set off about three or four, there was a fire, then we waited for about half an hour and we left. As we were driving off, the fireworks finally started up again, so we turned around, parked and watched the rest. I love fireworks :)

Saturday morning, we got up before seven and started getting our swim suits on. The beach was already filling up when we got there before nine. We ate our muffins, played in the sand...

...explored the tide pools, did lots of boogie boarding and had an all around good time.

Summer found a crab crawling on her after she got out of the water!

We were all exhausted when we got home. I told Michael to wait for me in the laundry room while I got him something to wear so that when I took his swimsuit off, sand wouldn't get all over his bedroom (we were procrastinating his bath until after he played outside in the back yard a while) and I guess I took too long...

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