Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shooting Guns and Pictures with the Young Women

The Young Women and their leaders (me included) went shooting. Here is a picture of the place we went to. Can you guess what it is called?

The Rock Pile!

The YW had fun climbing...

...and I had fun taking pictures while I climbed after them. I love using the macro setting on my camera and taking pictures of flowers.

This is the first range we shot at - a twenty five foot range. We shot (correct me if I am wrong any of you who went) six shooters, 12 gauge rifles, a semi-automatic, and a forty-four, my personal favorite.

We had two brethren that were the brains behind the gun safety classes and brought most of the guns and ammo. They were great - thanks John and Rod!

After a while, we went to the shotgun range and shot at clay pigeons. The Beehives had a complex plan in place so that they all got to fire off an equal number of targets.

The Mia Maids disappeared to chit chat in the back of a car.


The Trouts said...

Way cool activity! That's my sister!

jodi said...

way fun! Love your flower pics! I don't suppose you could email me some?