Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Snack Time

I sent the three youngest outside for a while today while I cleaned the kitchen so that any mess they made was out there and didn't demoralize me. Michael wandered in after a while chewing on something.

Here's how the conversation went -

Me - What are you eating?

Michael - I think it is a rotten nut.

Me - Where did you get it?

Michael - Off the chicken food.

Me - WHAT?!?

Michael - I mean off the top of the chicken food bucket...

It turns out it was a pecan from off our tree that had cracked open. Who knows how or why it was on top of the chicken feed container, but it came in handy for a banished-to-the-backyard, hungry boy.


jodi said...

Good Survival Skills!! :)

AES said...

He's practicing for all those future boy scout campouts :)