Sunday, April 05, 2009

Easter Fun

Gwen and I will be gone all day next Saturday, so we had our Easter fun yesterday. The Easter bunny brought everyone lots of candy and we used all the resulting energy to dye eggs. A couple of the kids blew raw eggs out of their shells so that they could keep their creations, but mostly we colored hard boiled eggs.

Naomi could hardly contain her enthusiasm and ended up on the table (not for long!).

Michael watched while Gwen decorated.

Here are all of them when we were done...

...and here are everyone's favorites.

We also sat and listened to General Conference.

Today, we had lots and lots of deviled eggs for lunch!


jenfarmgirl said...

They look great(the decorations and the edibles)! I would have eaten one whole platter of eggs by myself...

sjones said...

That looks like fun! The eggs look delicious too.