Sunday, April 19, 2009

Plant Hunting with Stan

Stan took me on an outing with a bunch of botanists on Saturday. They were looking for rare plants. I enjoyed hiking, taking pictures and being with Stan. Some of my favorite times in our early married years were looking for plants with him on road trips, so yesterday's outing brought back some sweet memories.

From the road, things looked dead and brown, but walking out in the field, I was amazed at how much life there was. Tons of insects and flowers everywhere. These are just weeds, but I like the way the pictures turned out :)

I had fun taking pictures of the seed heads and messing around with the manual focus.

And, happy day, this is the threatened lily everyone was hoping to see, Brodiaea filifolia. Pretty, huh?


jenfarmgirl said...

I think weeds make some of the world's most beautiful flowers. Those are great pictures!!

AES said...

Thanks :)