Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gwen is Ten

Happy Birthday Gwen!!!

Amazing isn't it? Our Gwen now has two digits to her age, at least for the next ninety years until she turns 100 :)

A little about Gwen - you just can't hold her back. In anything. At the park, she runs like a shooting star. We keep track of how many times we exercise in six months for an out-to-dinner reward and she reaches her goal in a month and a half. The summer long library reading program takes her about two weeks to finish. When we are out running errands, I say two things more often than anything else, "Michael stop touching" and "Gwen stop running in the store". She sees those long wide isles in Target and just can't contain herself. Her favorite way to end her in-store runs are with a long slide down those shiny floors :)

But, her exuberance for life is only one of the many things we love about her. She also has great taste in birthday dinners. This year she had gazpacho, shrimp, and sweet potato fries with a pecan, raisin, chocolate chip pie and ice cream for her birthday "cake".

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Emily said...

My old CTR 5 is, where did the time go?