Sunday, September 26, 2010


Stan has been busy at work surveying for burrowing owls. It means leaving the house before sunrise, but he is an early riser and we are grateful that he is busy because that means a job.

I was released from my calling as Young Women President today. I don't have another calling. I will miss being with the teenage girls in the ward. They are so much fun. It is a good thing I have a few of my own teenage girls to keep me company.

I remember noticing that the seniors above me in high school did unexpected things. It was like they knew they were leaving soon and weren't constrained by the box that high school had put them in. Well, it happened at our house, too. Summer joined a couple of clubs this year and even took part in their homecoming lip sync competitions.

Rachel is taking guitar lessons and loving it.

Heather is homeschooling this year for middle school. It is wonderful having her around.

Gwen was Student of the Month for September. Woot, woot, Gwen!

Kelly is in public school for the first time this year. She is holding her own, but it has been a hard transition. One of the best things about her going to school, and one of the reasons we sent her, was for new friends. She has already made a bunch.

Michael is in kindergarten at home with me. He likes to get up before I do and come into my bedroom to ask if we can do schoolwork, RIGHT NOW.

Naomi is happy being the baby of the family. She has decided that she will stay the size that she is and never grow up. She is bound and determined. Good luck!


Job said...

We're guessing Nursery leader! Porter would love it.

Jenny said...

I'm going to miss you in Young Women's. It has been so fun being in there with you!

AES said...

It would be fun to hang out with Porter and MO :)

Thanks Jenny. I will really miss working with you, too!

Fine Art by Jennifer said...

I like your update! It sounds like everyone's doing really well.

AES said...

Thanks, Jen :)

Alyssa said...

Your kids crack me up, especially Michael!