Thursday, September 02, 2010

Yogurt Contest

We went out for frozen yogurt as a family the other night for FHE. It was one of those places where you put everything in your container yourself and the the cashier weighs what you have chosen and charges you by the ounce. I neglected to fully educate the kids before we started. All I told them was not to put anything in their yogurt cups that they weren't going to eat.
It was chaos. 

I was trying to keep track of whose yogurt had been weighed. I would try to sort the kids into groups - weighed and non-weighed, but they kept moving. The three times I asked Michael if his had been weighed, he gave me three different answers. In the middle of it all, I heard Summer, who was one of the only kids whose yogurt I knew HAD been weighed say, "I didn't know there were blackberries. I want some of those!" Then she left the "weighed" kids cluster and moved to the "un-weighed" section to unwittingly add food to her yogurt that would not be paid for. Finally, after I asked each kid a half a dozen times whether their yogurt was weighed or not, and in the process, forgot whether mine was or not, the cashier decided to void the transaction and start over. I wish she'd given me that option earlier, but who knows, she might have tried and I just couldn't hear her over all the effort I was making to keep my seven frogs in their respective wheelbarrows!

Anyway, I didn't get a picture of Gwen's yogurt (understandably, since by the time we were done paying I had forgotten how to count), but here are Summer's, Stan's, Rachel's, Naomi's, Michael's, Kelly's, Heather's and my own yogurts. If you can guess whose is whose, you'll win a prize. I can't tell you what because I don't know yet, so not only is it a prize, it is also a surprise.

The contest ends on September 6th and there is only one entry per person per day. In the event that more than one person gets the right answer before the 6th, the first one to submit it is the winner!



sjones said...

#4 summer, #1 Stans, #3 Rachel's, #2 Naomis, #5 Michaels, #7 Kellys, #6 Heathers and #8 Amys!

It looks like you guys had a great variety!

CoralRubyStephMatt said...

Why didn't you just put them all on the scale at one time?

AES said...

Good question. That would have been nice, but they wouldn't fit, not even close :(

Naomi said...

wow that looks yummy :):)!!!!!