Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sailing Class

Rachel, Heather and Gwen took a sailing class at a local park this past week. Each day when I dropped them off, the younger kids would want to feed the ducks, so on the last day of class, we brought some chicken feed and got there early.

Gwen even had a duck eating out of her hand :)

The students all helped to set up the boats each day.

It was lovely to see all the boats out at once.

On the first four days of class, the sailors went out in pairs, but on the last day they each took their own boat out. Heather and Gwen liked the freedom of sailing by themselves, but Rachel missed having someone to chat with out on the water.

This is how their instructor was able to give them direction while they were sailing - in a kayak.

Since they had eight boats and sixteen students, half the class stayed behind on Friday and learned more while they waited for their turn to sail.

I had fun with the three youngest while I waited for a chance to take pictures of each of my girls in a boat.

Michael found a little freshwater clam that he wanted to keep for a pet (not!).

We saw a cormorant.

We were near a big gaggle of geese. Naomi decided it was prudent to sit up on a nearby picnic table.

Doesn't that look fun?


sjones said...

That looks like a fun class!

Alyssa said...

How fun! Gwen is a smart little girl!