Monday, March 14, 2011

THE Princess

Last night, Naomi was in bed, hugging her stuffed princess doll. She told me that she loved her princess. I asked her who my princess was and she said, "Me!" I went on to tell her that all her sisters were my princesses. She is my littlest princess and I love her very much, but she is not the only princess in the house. This is how the conversation went -

Mo - Then what is Michael? Is he the king?

Me - Michael is Prince Charming.

Mo - Is Daddy the king?

Me - Yep, Daddy is the king.

Mo - Are you the maid?

This morning, to reiterate the "all your sisters are princesses" idea, I asked her who my princess was. This is what ensued -

Mo - Me!

Me - How about my other princesses?

Mo - Me!

Me - What about Kelly and Gwen?

Mo - Me!!!

I apparently have more explaining to do...


Rebecca said...

yes! You are the maid:)

AES said...

Don't I know it! :)

Candidate said...

It's maid-karma, for running to the bathroom with an "emergency" every time you had chores as a kid.