Thursday, June 09, 2011

Kelly's Birthday Party

Kelly had a birthday party with friends old (from church) and new (from school). This past year was her first year in a classroom, not homeschooled, and she had so much fun making new friends. It was hard for her to adjust to the new setting and their kindness helped a lot.

As I was planning it, I let slip to Rachel that I was going to make a piñata with paper grocery bags decorated with streamers. That was not acceptable to her. In fact, she told me it was "ghetto." So, she enlisted Heather and they spent three hours the night before the party making a paper mâché strawberry piñata. It was so cute, it was a shame to break it.

Here are all the girls, Katelynn, Olivia, Victoria, Nyah and Kelly decorating their treat bags.

The first activity was bobbing for donuts.

Then, they tossed water balloons back and forth to see which team's balloons would last the longest.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

We had a treasure hunt. The girls followed long, tangled, twisted all over pieces of yarn around the backyard to find their treasures.

Finally, the piñata!

After cupcakes and presents, everyone painted a bird house. Kelly has fun friends :)


Lyss said...

The pinata turned out very cute! Happy birthday Kelly!

AES said...

Thanks from Rachel and Kelly!