Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall is the Time for Apples

I know most kids do this at one point or another (ok, kids whose mothers don't cut their apples up into neat little pieces, anyway), but I had to blog about Naomi doing it anyway.

Here's the story - I ate about half an apple and turned to see my cute bambina looking longingly at it, so I asked her if she wanted it. Of course she did. She loves apple. She calls anything that looks remotely like an apple, "APPLE, APPLE, APPLE!" If there was a Pear Council of America, she would probably upset them. So, I gave it to her and left her to eat away, which is just what she did - ate all of it - almost.

She came to me and carefully, deliberately handed me a stem and one seed.

Thanks, Mom!

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Anonymous said...

Scott also keeps calling the pears and peaches I give him apples!