Monday, October 27, 2008


...we had a ton of fun. I went to the temple and everyone met me there when the session was over with a picnic lunch. After lunch we headed up to Oak Glen to pick Stayman-Winesap apples (my favorite). The kids enjoyed the horse...

...and the pig.

When we got home from the mountains, it was time to make cornbread, get on the kids' costumes and break out the candy for our ward's Trunk or Treat.

Naomi as a pumpkin.

Michael as a bee. He left his shoes at home, so Stan went home and got him some, later.

Kelly as a princess.

Gwen as a tree.

Heather as a ghost.

Summer and Rachel didn't know what they wanted to "be", but they knew what they wanted to wear, so they just" dressed up", they didn't "dress up as..."

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